golden rule - tuesday talks

Volume 2

Volume 2 Episode 1 “Preserve yourself and your senior loved ones with a better quality of life — by making it YOUR New Year’s Resolution.” 1/7/20

Volume 2 Episode 2 “Why Use a Senior Placement Service?” 1/14/20

Volume 2 Episode 3 “Planning Ahead Now” 1/16/20

Volume 2 Episode 4 “Selecting the right Senior Adviser – Placement Specialist.” 1/21/20

Volume 2 Episode 5 “Time to do a little bit of “Homework.” 1/28/20

Volume 2 Episode 6 “Time To Tour! Where do I begin?” 2/4/20

Volume 2 Episode 7 “HAPPY VALENTINE’S WEEK.” 2/11/20

Volume 2 Episode 8 “WHEN will YOU be READY?” 2/18/20

Volume 2 Episode 9 “PLEASE don’t be embarrassed, it’s OK….its my purpose and passion to assist you.” 2/25/20

Volume 2 Episode 10 “CARING for the CAREGIVER – Options & what Will Provide a ‘Peace of Mind!” 3/3/20

Volume 2 Episode 11 “Seeking Professional Advice & Resources for your Senior Loved Ones.” 3/10/20

Volume 2 Episode 12 “Happy St. Patrick’ Day! 💚☘️🌈☘️💚 3/17/20

Volume 2 Episode 13 “YES it’s a very overwhelming time for us ALL right now.” 3/24/20

Volume 2 Episode 14 “During these troublesome times we need to support everyone.” 3/31/20

Volume 2 Episode 15 “Today, April 7th is World Health Day…let us appreciate all those in the front lines.” 4/7/20

Volume 2 Episode 16 “During this unknown time…is placing a Senior Loved One appropriate ? Absolutely!” 4/14/20

Volume 2 Episode 17 “Needing HELP?!?! Make the RIGHT choice by using a placement specialist.” 4/21/20

Volume 2 Episode 18 “Even during this crisis of COVID-19 – NOW is the RIGHT time to choose a Senior Living Community!” 4/28/20

Volume 2 Episode 19 “TIME TO CELEBRATE? YES, even during this time of crisis with COVID-19.” 5/5/20

Volume 2 Episode 20 “Looking forward to the future is wonderful.” 5/12/20

Volume 2 Episode 21 “NOW more than ever….using a LOCAL Senior Placement Service is essential!” 5/19/20

Volume 2 Episode 22 “A weekly recap of a Special Birthday Celebration and Memorial Day holiday.” 5/28/20

Volume 2 Episode 23 “Why select a private and credible senior placement company?” 6/2/20

Volume 2 Episode 24 “Why is NOW the RIGHT time to transition your Senior Loved One to a Senior Living Community?” 6/9/20

Volume 2 Episode 25 “Don’t Wait….till it’s Too Late….I am here to assist you and your Senior loved one.” 6/16/20

Volume 2 Episode 26 “Positive COVID 19 results are on the rise again – what can you do to protect your Senior loved ones?” 6/23/20

Volume 2 Episode 27 “During these crucial and scary times….we need for our Senior loved ones to focus on ACTIVITY.” 6/30/20

Volume 2 Episode 28 “You ask, is there any financial assistance in contributing to the expenses while residing in Senior Living?” 7/7/20

Volume 2 Episode 29 “What is ESSENTIAL now for Seniors to thrive at home.?” 7/14/20

Volume 2 Episode 30 “Why NOW vs Later or After COVID 19 to transition to a Senior Living Community? 7/21/20

Volume 2 Episode 31 “Keeping Up with Your Senior Loved One’s Medical Appointments, Records & Journaling!” 7/28/20

Volume 2 Episode 32 “Are Your Senior Loved Ones Prepared for a Hurricane? Let Me Assist You in Creating a Plan! “ 8/4/20

Volume 2 Episode 33 “Prepare NOW for the Future with an Elder Law Attorney! Having a Plan in Place for Your Senior Loved Ones Now – Will Certainly Give You ALL a Peace a Mind for the Future!” 8/11/20

Volume 2 Episode 34 “Having a Family Discussion and Putting a Plan in Place!!”

Volume 2 Episode 35 “Be PROACTIVE vs Reactive to Your Senior Loved One’s Needs and a Quality of Life!” 8/25/20

Volume 2 Episode 36 “Can we afford Senior Living and are there any financial programs to aid in the cost?” 9/1/20

Volume 2 Episode 37 “These are SPECIAL Times for us ALL….Fill Each Day with Laughter….it’s Truly The BEST Medicine! 9/8/20

Volume 2 Episode 38 “There Are So Many Reasons to CELEBRATE!!” 9/15/20

Volume 2 Episode 39 Happy FALL Y’all….and Fall Prevention for our Seniors. 9/22/20

Volume 2 Episode 40 “When Should Seniors Move Into Assisted Living Community.” 9/29/20

Volume 2 Episode 41 Part 1 “How to have a conversation with your Senior loved one about the future.” Let’s begin conversing about their beginnings…this will be Part 1 of 2 . 10/06/20

Volume 2 Episode 41 Part 2 “How to have a conversation with your Senior loved one about the future.” Let’s begin conversing about their beginnings…this is Part 2 of 2. 10/13/20

Volume 2 Episode 42 “Fall Home & Health Safety Tips for Seniors…Lets Be Proactive & Preventative…” 10/20/20

Volume 2 Episode 43 “There Shouldn’t Be Any “Tricks” in Selecting a Senior Living Community…Let’s Discuss the 8 Scenarios To Avoid and So You Can Be “Treated” with Dignity and Respect …as You Should Be!” 10/27/20

Volume 2 Episode 44 “There is Always Freedom of Choice in Healthcare Providers, Senior Living Options, and Services for Our Seniors!” 11/3/20

Volume 2 Episode 45 “Preparing for the Thanksgiving Holiday with Your Senior Loved One – The Challenges & What You Can Do… ” 11/10/20

Volume 2 Episode 46 “Home for The Holidays and Helping Our Senior Loved One Cope with Holiday Loneliness” 11/17/20

Volume 2 Episode 47 “Happy Thanksgiving Greetings – We are Most Thankful for You!” 11/24/20

Volume 2 Episode 48 “Ways to Bring Seniors Comfort and Joy this Season” 12/2/20

Volume 2 Episode 49 “Other Ideas to Bring Seniors Comfort and Joy this Season”. 12/8/20

Volume 2 Episode 50 Part 1 “How to Support Senior Loved Ones During the Holidays – Part 1: What To Do.” 12/15/20

Volume 2 Episode 50 Part 2 “How to Support Senior Loved Ones During the Holidays – What to Avoid & Tips to Make it More Joyous & Less Stressful.” 12/22/20

Volume 2 Episode 51 “Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Older Adults.” 12/29/20