golden rule - tuesday talks

Volume 3

Volume 3 Episode 1 “Starting the New Year Off with New Beginnings for Your Senior Loved One & You Having a Peace of Mind…” 1/5/21

Volume 3 Episode 2 “How to Handle Your Senior Loved Ones’ Needs and Navigate Placement During COVID Restrictions All While Living a Distance Away…” 1/12/21

Volume 3 Episode 3 “Having “The Discussion” Now with Your Senior Loved Ones vs. Later…” 1/19/21

Volume 3 Episode 4 “Time to Do a Little Bit of “Homework” PRIOR to navigating Senior living communities and the other various options.” 1/26/21

Volume 3 Episode 5 “The Who, What, Where, How, and Whys to Use a Senior Placement Service.” 2/2/21

Volume 3 Episode 6 (Repeat from February 4th 2020) “Time To Tour! Where to I begin? Who should I tour with? What do I do in planning a tour? How do I access all these communities? Why use a Senior Placement Specialist?” 2/9/21

Volume 3 Episode 7 “We’re Back…with Back to Basics in Senior Placement.” 11/2/21

Volume 3 Episode 8 “We Are Approaching the Holiday Season…Is This a Good Time for Placement?” 11/9/21

Volume 3 Episode 9 “Preparing for the Thanksgiving Holiday with Your Senior Loved One – The Challenges & What You Can Do” 11/16/21

Volume 3 Episode 10 “Ways to Bring Seniors Comfort and Joy this Season” 11/30/21

Volume 3 Episode 11 “10 Ways to Help Seniors have a Happy Holiday” 12/21/21