golden rule - tuesday talks

Volume 4

Volume 4 Episode 1 “Starting the New Year off with New Beginnings for Your Senior Loved One and You Having a Piece of Mind” 1/7/22

Volume 4 Episode 2 “Having “The Discussion” Now with Your Senior Loved One’s Versus Later” 1/11/22

Volume 4 Episode 3 “Signs That Your Senior Loved One Needs Assistance” 1/18/22

Volume 4 Episode 4 “Why You Need ME as YOUR Senior Advisor” 1/25/22

Volume 4 Episode 5 “Time to Do a Little “Homework” Prior to Navigating Senior Living Communities and Other Various Options” 2/1/22

Volume 4 Episode 6 “HAPPY VALENTINE’S WEEK…Show Your LOVE in a Special Way to Your Senior LOVED One!” 2/8/22

Volume 4 Episode 7 “The WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE and HOW to Use a Senior Placement Service” 2/15/22

Volume 4 Episode 8 “WHEN will YOU be READY – AND – WHAT does READY look like to YOU” 2/22/22

Volume 4 Episode 9 “Please don’t be embarrassed or apologize…it is OK…it’s my purpose and passion to assist you and your Senior Loved One at Golden Rule. I truly understand, not only professionally, but personally” 3/1/22

Volume 4 Episode 10 “Why is NOW the RIGHT time to transition your Senior Loved One to a Senior Living Community? 3/8/22

Volume 4 Episode 11 “How to Have ‘the’ Discussion About Moving into a Senior Living Community with Your Senior Love One” – Part 1 3/15/22

Volume 4 Episode 12 “How to Have ‘the’ Discussion About Moving into a Senior Living Community with Your Senior Love One – Part 2 3/22/22

Volume 4 Episode 13 “Why Use a Senior Placement Service and Advisor?” 3/29/22

Volume 4 Episode 14 “What are the Various Senior Living Options?” 4/5/22

Volume 4 Episode 15 “What Steps are Necessary for Our Family to Agree Upon with Regards to the Future of Our Aging Parents and Their Individual Needs?” 4/12/22

Volume 4 Episode 16 “Is Senior Living, such as Assisted Living, the Same as a Nursing Home?” 4/19/22

Volume 4 Episode 17 “Why NOT use a Senior Placement Service?” 4/26/22

Volume 4 Episode 18 “Why is Socialization and Stimulation Very Important for Seniors, and how it is an Added Benefit in Senior Living?” 5/3/22

Volume 4 Episode 19 “What are the Biggest Concerns and Challenges for our Seniors in Recent Times and for their Future?” 4/10/22