Memory Care Communities

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Memory Care Communities (Alzheimer’s/Dementia Facilities) - These facilities are specially designed and are available in large, small or separate focused communities.  They provide care for your loved ones who have varying degrees of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  The care provided in these communities are overseen by specially trained clinical care staff educated in caring for Alzheimer's/Dementia residents. This advanced training consists of issues regarding behavioral problems such as depression, confusion and in some cases advanced cognitive behaviors. The staff is also knowledgeable of the senior’s aging and disease process and are very capable of monitoring the resident’s memory loss and confusion.  Wandering and/or elopement is also a major concern where the resident may need to reside in a more ‘secured unit’ to remain safe in their environment.  Most memory care facilities have made provisions regarding this issue.  In addition to private rooms, semi-private rooms are available to aid with isolation and loneliness.

* with mutually agreed upon Service Agreement