golden rule - tuesday talks

Volume 5

Volume 5 Episode 1 “There shouldn’t be any “tricks” in selecting a senior living community! 10/18/22

Volume 5 Episode 2 “Preparing for the Thanksgiving Holiday with Your Senior Loved One .” 11/15/22

Volume 5 Episode 3 “Fall Health & Home Safety Tips for Seniors” 11/1/22

Volume 5 Episode 4 “8 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Older Adults” 1/3/23

Volume 5 Episode 5 “What NEW ideas are there for our Seniors to enjoy?” 1/17/23

Volume 5 Episode 6 “What NEW ideas are there for our Seniors to enjoy?” – Part 2 1/31/23

Volume 5 Episode 7 “What to consider in choosing a memory care community and/or home for your Senior Loved One…” 2/28/23

Volume 5 Episode 8 “With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon…How CHEER”full” and GOLDEN are your Senior Loved Ones’ days ahead?” 3/14/23

Volume 5 Episode 9 “Signs that your Senior loved one needs medical intervention and assistance with activities of daily living”. 3-28-23

Volume 5 Episode 10 “Why use a Senior Placement company, such as Golden Rule…what are the advantages?” 4-11-23

Volume 5 Episode 11 “Why NOT use a senior placement service?” 4-25-23

Volume 5 Episode 12 “When is the “right time” to consider moving your senior loved one into assisted living or memory care community?” 5-9-23

Volume 5 Episode 13 “Sharing a Special Birthday, Upcoming Memorial Day Holiday, and Benefits Honoring Our Veterans and Loved Ones.” 5-23-23

Volume 5 Episode 14 “Tomorrow, June 21st starts Summer Solstice – Why is Hydration so Important in Seniors?” 6-20-23

Volume 5 Episode 15 “Celebrate this Holiday with knowing you have the FREEDOM of CHOICE and the LIBERTY of SELECTING the appropriate options for our Senior Loved Ones’ FUTURE and QUALITY of LIFE.” 7-4-23

Volume 5 Episode 16 “Why do Seniors want to stay in their homes…AND…What can you do to change their perception of Senior Living?” 7-18-23

Volume 5 Episode 17 “Respect for Parents Day!” Sharing unique ways of celebrating with your Senior Loved One(s)!” 8-1-23

Volume 5 Episode 18 “Are You PUZZLED About the Future for Your Senior Loved One(s)? Let Us Assist You in “Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle”… Together!” 8-15-23

Volume 5 Episode 19 “Preparing for an Emergency… Are your senior loved one(s) safe in their own home OR within a senior living community?” 8-29-23

Volume 5 Episode 20 “Season of Reflection,” for National Assisted Living Week,” 9-12-23

Volume 5 Episode 21 “Let’s be proactive in discussing and planning for the future of our Senior Loved Ones.” 10-3-23

Volume 5 Episode 22 “October is Physical Therapy Month – let’s review Fall Health & Home Safety Tips for Seniors!” 10/18/23

Volume 5 Episode 23 “There shouldn’t be any “Tricks” in selecting a Senior Living Community….Let’s discuss the 8 scenarios to avoid and so you can be “Treated” with dignity & respect…as you should be!”  10/31/23

Volume 5 Episode 24 “We are most THANKFUL for you this Thanksgiving holiday season! Why is this day special to me?” 11/14/23

Volume 5 Episode 25 “Preparing for the Holiday Season with Your Senior Loved One – The Challenges & What You Can Do… ” 11-28-23

Volume 5 Episode 26 ”10 Ways to Help Seniors Have a Happy Holiday Season” 12/5/23

Volume 5 Episode 27 ”How to Support a Senior Loved One During the Holidays” 12/12/23

Volume 5 Episode 28 ”Ways to Bring Joy & Comfort this Season” 12/19/23

Volume 5 Episode 29 ”Helping Our Senior Loved Ones Cope with Holiday Loneliness” 12-26-23